Protein Shakes


Nighttime Recovery Protein Shake

This protein shake features casein protein which gels in your stomach to slow digestion. This is important because your muscles repair themselves best when you are sleeping.


Breakfast Replacement Protein Shake

This protein shake is a great way to get your day started right. The rush of nutrients will give you what you need to power through the long day. This truly is the breakfast of champions!


Banana Cookies and Cream Protein Shake

This protein shake packs a wallop. It has plenty of greens, fruits, protein, and carbs. This is a superstar if you have a busy schedule or just like the convenience of a meal in a blender.



Cottage Cheese Nighttime Snack

This bedtime snack of cottage cheese and almonds provides your body with a supply of proteins and amino acids throughout the night. This will improve muscle recovery and reduced the onset of soreness the next day.


Greek Yogurt & Blueberries

This is a delicious light snack that you can fit in any time of the day. The greek yogurt is a lean source of protein and the blueberries are chock full of antioxidants. Top this off with a drizzle of honey and you have the makings to reign in your sweet tooth!


Peanut Butter Protein Balls

This is a delicious, sweet protein powerhouse to give you an afternoon pick-me-up. The heavy blast of carbs and protein will fuel you for a grueling workout. Convenient to mix in large batches and easily packed to take on the go.

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