Cable Curl

Exercise / Biceps

How to perform the exercise

  1. Set up a cable station with a straight bar attachment connected to the low pulley.
  2. Stand close to the station, feet shoulder width apart either side of the pulley.
  3. Grip the bar with a shoulder-width underhand grip.
  4. Keep your elbows close to your sides.
  5. Curls your arms upward from the elbows in a smooth arc.
  6. Continue until your forearms are vertical with your palms facing your shoulders. Hold for a count of one while flexing your biceps.
  7. Lower the bar back to the starting position in a smooth motion.
  8. Repeat.

CAUTION: Pay special attention to using proper form while performing this exercise.

Exercise Tips

  • Keep your elbows in a stationary position to ensure full engagement of your biceps.