We are currently expanding our team and looking forward to talented people joining our company.

  • Be a part of the most innovative company in the industry
  • Get paid for helping people get results and achieving their fitness goals

Whether you are a personal trainer, diet coach, or a competitive bodybuilder/bikini pro, this is your chance to follow your passion and build your brand in the fitness industry.

This is a paid position and gives you the chance to earn a Sponsored Elite Athlete position or a full-time position at our headquarters. If you want to get a strong foothold on a career in fitness, then we would be honored to consider you for the position.

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It’s Simple

We supply all the tools for you to represent our brand on social media. All you have to do is follow the plan and education we give you. We only ask you to provide high-quality photos of yourself that we will use to make promotional content to post on your social media. You will get a personal discount code that your followers can use. You will be compensated a percentage of these sales.

Be Successful

The key to being successful is to help people. It’s not about selling products; it’s about starting conversations with people and finding ways to solve the problems that are keeping them from reaching their goals. The amount of money you make in this program is a direct reflection of how many people and how well you are helping them. The more effort you put into helping people the more successful you’ll be as a Vital Supplements Athlete. It’s that simple.

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